About Us

We place a significant emphasis on supporting local manufacturing activities and forms part of the SLC Group as the sister company of The Synthetic Latex Company. As a result, we are also the sole distributors of SLC Group’s Savinex Brand.

We are skilled at identifying gaps and needs within the local manufacturing market. We have a keen understanding of the industry trends and demands. By leveraging our industry expertise and network, we can supply the best prices and quality materials to manufacturers. Valor Chemicals plays an integral part in supporting surrounding African & Global markets through other trading partners.

Valor Chemicals deals with international enterprises such as Everspring, Xyntra and Addapt Chemicals.

In addition to direct chemical trading, Valor Chemicals provides liquid chemical packaging services on the SLC Industrial Site in Sasolburg, a centralised well-positioned distribution hub. By providing these services, Valor Chemicals adds value to the local manufacturing ecosystem. We contribute to the efficient functioning of the supply chain and support the growth of local businesses.

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