Valor Chemicals has emerged as a dynamic force in progressive chemical trading endeavours. A key facet of Valor Chemicals' role involves facilitating the local distribution of premium chemical products, made possible by manufacturing capabilities of The Synthetic Latex Company.

As a dynamic chemical trading entity, Valor Chemicals collaborates with esteemed international partners such as Everspring and ADDAPT Chemicals. Everspring specializes in the production of high-performance stabilization additives, engineered to enhance thermal, light, in-process, and colour stability. This comprehensive range also incorporates primary and secondary antioxidants, stabilization boosters, and UV absorbers, catering to diverse industrial needs. Addapt Chemicals offers an extensive range of premium additives for industries like paints & coatings, automotive and food & beverage.

Valor Chemicals products includes:

Savinex T25 (HASE Acrylic Thickener)
Savinex T30 (HASE Acrylic Thickener)
Savinex T40 (Newtonian like HASE Thickener
Savinex U 51W (Urethane Thickener
Savinex U 518 (Urethane Thickener)
Savinex U 202 (Urethane Thickener)

FoamstopSL10 (Silicone Based Defoamer)
Dispinex 401 (40% Acrylic Dispersant)
ADDisp 600N (Universal Acrylic Dispersant)
Coasol (Low Odour Coalescent)
C12 Ester Alcohol Coalescent 

White spirits / Turps
Ethylol 95
A Grade Lacquer Thinners
Standard Lacquer Thinners
QD Thinners
Monomers on request

Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG)
Propylene Glycol (PG)
Codis Bio (pH Neutralizing Amine)
BioWet 450C (Wetting Agent)
Caustic Soda Lye 50% Solution
Ammonia solution
NP 9
Valocide CIT/MIT (Liquid biocide)

Chemical packaging services into 200 L drums.
Chemical packaging services into 1000 L IBCs

PVC / Plastics Masterbatch

Evernox 10
Evernox 76
Everfos 168
Evernox 1330
Evernox B210

Everstab LS 622
Everstab LS 770
Everstab LS 944
Everstab LS 119
Everstab LS 783 ( 50:50 622:944)

Everstab 234
Everstab 326
Everstab 360
Everstab 81
Everstab P

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